Famous horses from history

Black Bess- 1800's highwayman Dick Turpin's mare
Eclipse- unbeaten racehorse of legendary prowess. Raced from 1769-70
Escape- Stud owned by the Prince of Wales who won 190 races bteween 1788 and 1791
Native Dancer- 1950
War Admiral- 1937
Man O War- 1917
Seabiscuit- Depression
Seattle Slew- racehorse 1977
Secretariat- 1973
Three Bars
Dash for Cash
Bijou- Count J.A Sandel's horse- Finnish War, 1808- 1807
Blueskin- General Washington's
Bucephalus- Alexander the Great
Cincinnati- Ulysses S. Grant
Comanche- General Custard's 7th Cavalry- Survived the Battle of Little Big Horn
Copenhagen- Duke of Wellington, rode in the Battle of Waterloo
Kasztanka- Jozef Pilsudski, Famous Polish horse
Old Henry Clay- USA 1837
Haleb- Arabian distance horse 1907
Winchester- General Sheridan- WW1
Kidron- General Pershing, WW1
Little Sorrel- Stonewall Jackson
Magnolia- General Washington
Old Nelson- General Washington
Traveller- Robert E Lee
Old Warrior- General Jack Seely- WW1
Brown Betty- Paul Revere
Darley Arabian, Godolphin Arabian, Byerly Turk- stallions from whom all thoroughbred's are decended
Halla- show jumper 1954- 1956
Jim Key- Smartest horse in the world, 1904 Worlds Fair, St Louis
Rock Sand- 1903, racehorse
Regret- 1915, racehorse
Desert Gold- WW1
Deep Impact- Japan, broke the world record for 3200 meters
King- foundation Quarterhorse
Prince & Lady- Laura Ingalls Wilder
Red Fox- Jesse James
Rocinante- Don Quixote
Sampson- World's tallest horse, a shire, 21.2 1/2 hands (1 hand = 4 inches)
Kingston- 1888-1891, racehorse
Highflyer- 1774 , Britian
Nearco- italy 1935
Barbaro- 1812
Ruffian- 1812
Lexington- 1855
Bulle Rock- first thoroughbred in America, 1730
Scout- Tonto
Silver- Lone Ranger
Thunder- Red Ryder
Tornado- El Zorro
Trigger- Roy Rodgers

For more famous horses in history check out 'Timeline Results for Famous Horses in History'. Their list starts at 1204 to 1580.